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Colored Pencils

The Gospel Story by Colorsa free devotion for kids

Editor’s note: CTA’s Gospel Story by Colors theme has been a customer favorite for many years. The outreach items in the theme are perfect for summer mission trips or even outreach events at your home church. Today’s devotion will help you introduce the colors to your children and remind them of God’s plan of salvation…

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Use Easter Events to Make Eternal Connections

Would the people who worship in your church report that they experience a very real and personal connection with their Lord there? A recent study by George Barna shows that while about 66% would say yes, about a third would say no. What’s more, among those who attend church regularly, fewer than half say this…

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Planning for Christmas VacationPromises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids

Are you looking for a way to keep kids connected to Jesus (and save their parents a little sanity!) during Christmas vacation? Here’s a great idea: the week before Christmas, send each child home with CTA’s Promises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids. This 32-page journal helps children learn favorite Bible verses, understand how they relate…

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The Easiest Way to Share the Gospel

You might be surprised to learn that many church “regulars” do not know how to verbalize or share their faith. Often people who go to church every Sunday know they are saved, but they wouldn’t be able to tell you how or why. CTA’s Gospel Story by Colors resources are a great way to help…

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Just in Time for Summer!Promises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids

Are you looking for a resource that will keep kids excited about Jesus all summer long? Check out Promises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids—a new activity journal for children ages 7-11. This colorful book encourages kids to learn Bible verses and reinforces that learning with a variety of fun activities—cooking, drawing, science experiments, writing songs…

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10 Ways to Teach Students to Share Their Faith

Who doesn’t like to talk about a good movie, a favorite sports team, or a diet plan that is actually working? We get excited about a variety of things and eagerly share them with our friends and co-workers. But unfortunately, our faith is often left out of the conversation. Romans 10:14 (NLT) underscores the importance…

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Christmas is Over. Now What?

Editor’s note: It’s easy to share a “Merry Christmas” or “God Bless You” during the holiday season, but now that Christmas is over, don’t let Christian witnessing grind to a halt. This article originally appeared in CTA’s Grab & Go newsletter. We invite you to take another look and use Pastor Snow’s encouragement to guide…

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Using Your Fall Festival to Share the Gospel? — Here are the ABCs!

If you want to reach the community in a nonthreatening way, if you want to provide a place where children can experience the love and safety of Jesus in troubled and dangerous times, then by all means plan a fall festival! Here’s what one CTA customer says about that: I believe God will use this…

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To the Olympics and Beyond!

“His will, His way.” This is Patty Salvatore’s motto for life. She’s learning to follow God’s will and remain confident in his direction. It hasn’t always been easy, but looking back, she sees that every time she thought God was denying her an experience, things turned out better than she could’ve imagined. Here’s her story….

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Visitors? New Members? — Here’s help as you meet your “seven second challenge”

Seven seconds. That’s how long you have to make a first impression—at least according to some experts. It’s true when you apply for a job. It’s true when you meet the new neighbors. And it’s true when a newcomer visits your church. Meeting the “Seven-Second Challenge” involves much more than the condition of your parking…

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