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Beyond Church Volunteering

I love the world of church volunteering—the many faithful volunteers, the infinite variety of tasks done by volunteers, the way God works through us when we volunteer, and the blessings that multiply as leaders recruit and support volunteers well. But church volunteering is just one piece of the Christian life of serving. Our Kingdom impact…

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Retaining VolunteersDelegate Well

Are you good at delegating? Most of us aren’t. We didn’t go into church work, or become a church volunteer, because we love to delegate. We serve in order to get things done. To some, delegating tasks may even feel like cheating! But we in the church, of all people, should make delegating a priority….

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Retaining VolunteersA Good Start

At a job interview, or on a first date, you know the first impression is important. It’s just as important if you want to retain that new volunteer you just recruited. What will their first impression be of the task you’ve recruited them to do? A volunteer once told me about her first experience serving…

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Train EVERY Volunteer!

Editor’s note: This article, written by Karen Kogler, first appeared in Share in mid-July. Since we know many regular readers were on vacation then and since we believe so strongly in the importance of training volunteers, we are reprinting it today. Many blessings as you recruit and equip volunteers for the new year of ministry ahead! Employers train new…

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Train Every Volunteer!

Employers train new hires. Teens are trained to drive. Personal trainers help you reach your exercise goals. Training is common everywhere . . . except the church. Most churches feel they’re doing well if they offer Sunday school teacher training. The reality is that every church volunteer should be trained for ministry. But aren’t most…

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Volunteer Appreciation: A 12-point quiz to see how how your church stacks up

If you rely on the effort volunteers contribute to your church or ministry, you already know it’s much more effective to retain workers than to find and train new ones. You also know that volunteers who feel happy in their work do a better job, investing more of themselves in their tasks. And you know…

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