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God’s Love Amazes MeA free Valentine’s Day devotion for kids

Editor’s note: While most Valentine’s Day celebrations recognize the sin-flawed love that we share here on Earth, today’s devotion draws children closer to the ever-perfect love that God showed us through Jesus. This Ministry Message accompanies CTA’s God’s Love Amazes Me lineup of Christian Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Look for goodie bags, crafts, and Valentine’s…

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4 Tips for a Christian Valentine’s Day Party

Have you peeked ahead in your calendar yet? You may have to do a double-take. Yes, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year! But do church and Valentine’s Day really go together? Yes! This is the perfect time to put together a few simple activities that can make a big difference in sharing love–Jesus’…

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Celebrating with All Ages

What role does age play in your ministry? Many churches routinely divide into age-based groups for Bible studies, social outings, outreach opportunities, and the like. While age-based groups are logical in many situations, we think that it’s time to mix things up! Intentionally bringing together members of various ages for ministry work in the church…

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