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Timely TipsChristmas edition

Merry Christmas! We use the word merry at Christmastime—and almost never at other times of the year. It means “full of cheerfulness” or “lighthearted joy.” What a fitting word to pair with Christmas! Jesus came into the world to lift sin’s burden once and for all. His coming not only makes our hearts light, but…

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Timely Tips for the New Year

It’s almost time to hit the “start” button on 2016. Are you ready for it? Here are some tips to help you finish 2015 and give your ministry a jump-start in 2016! Ministry Recap Collect information from the visitors you have throughout the holiday season and enter it into a visitor database. Write an email…

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Timely Tips for Easter Preparation

With just seven short weeks left before Easter Sunday, do you know how your  church will celebrate? If you have some extra space on your calendar, consider these ideas: Many Christians think about “giving up” something in preparation for Christ’s resurrection, but why not invite those you lead to “take on” something this year instead—just…

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