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New Day, New You! — a message of encouragement for children’s ministers

By now, most of the “newness” of the new year has worn off. For most of us, those resolutions we so confidently made have started to wear a bit thin. Either we’ve given up or we wish we could. Throughout most of the Northern Hemisphere, it can be hard to think of January as a…

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Reenergize Your Mission for the New Year

Maybe you’ve heard the old joke about the news reporter who asks the CEO, “How many people work in your company?” The CEO responds, “About half of them.” We laugh because most of us recognize the sad truth here. Sadder still, the latest research shows the CEO’s answer is quite optimistic! Those who study commitment…

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Keep Your Class Learning & Focused: What works?

List the top five fears of beginning teachers, and you’ll find “classroom discipline” near the top of that list. List the top five frustrations of many seasoned teachers, and you’ll find “classroom discipline” near the top of the list, too! For those who teach in church, this issue can seem even more daunting. Many of…

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