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The Very Best ValentineA Christian Valentine’s Day lesson plan

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for a Christian lesson plan to use on Valentine’s Day, today’s post is for you! For more FREE resources to use in celebrating Valentine’s Day, look to CTA’s Resource & Idea Center.  Ask the students: Why is Valentine’s Day so much fun? Why do you like it? Do you think…

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God’s Love Amazes MeA free Valentine’s Day devotion for kids

Editor’s note: While most Valentine’s Day celebrations recognize the sin-flawed love that we share here on Earth, today’s devotion draws children closer to the ever-perfect love that God showed us through Jesus. This Ministry Message accompanies CTA’s God’s Love Amazes Me lineup of Christian Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Look for goodie bags, crafts, and Valentine’s…

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3 Simple Ideas for a Christian Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, but the kids in your children’s ministry program won’t mind celebrating on Sunday morning or during mid-week classes. It’s a great opportunity to remind the children of God’s love for us through our Savior, Jesus! Here are three easy ways to celebrate Jesus on Valentine’s Day: Jesus’…

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7 Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues in Sunday School

We all kept up a frantic pace in December, but now that January has come, you might feel the weeks starting to drag. The kids feel it, too—they’re leaving vacation behind and settling into another six months of school. Don’t let the winter blues hit your Sunday school! Keep reading for seven ways to energize…

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Planning for Christmas VacationPromises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids

Are you looking for a way to keep kids connected to Jesus (and save their parents a little sanity!) during Christmas vacation? Here’s a great idea: the week before Christmas, send each child home with CTA’s Promises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids. This 32-page journal helps children learn favorite Bible verses, understand how they relate…

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5 New Ways to Give Thanks in Sunday School

Puppies, sunshine, a soft bed, air conditioning . . . the list of God’s tangible blessings could go on and on. While it’s good to think about these things and write them down,  here’s a little something different to try in Sunday school this year. Challenge yourself and your students to focus on things that…

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A Classroom Full of Thankful Turkeys

Now that November is just days away, are you looking for Thanksgiving crafts to inspire thankfulness in your students? How about a classroom full of thankful turkeys?! It’s not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, this craft is pretty simple. Grab a pair of scissors, a hole-puncher, and some card stock—let’s get started! Creating…

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8 Ways Teachers Can Feed Their Faith

As a teacher, you spend a lot of time in God’s Word preparing your lessons. You may even know some lessons by heart—you don’t even need notes. You also share your faith with your coworkers, students, and their parents. What a joy it is to work in God’s Word on a daily basis! All of…

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Shaping Hearts, Changing Livesa free back-to-school devotion

Editor’s note: This back-to-school devotion is slightly adapted from one of CTA’s devotion books for Christian Workers, Shaping Hearts; Changing Lives: 30 Days to Grow in Service. As the new school year begins, we encourage you to use this devotion and the value-priced gifts from Shaping Hearts; Changing Lives to uplift teachers as they prepare to guide students…

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Time to Shinea free fall festival devotion

Editor’s note: Looking for a unique fall festival theme? Time to Shine for Jesus is perfect! CTA offers a wide variety of Halloween-alternative resources in this theme, plus a brand-new outreach activity card to share with children who don’t know Jesus. As always, CTA supports the theme with FREE downloadable resources like this ministry message. Check it…

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