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New Year, New Parents10 ways to make teacher-parent relationships work

As a children’s ministry worker, you meet new families every year. Some parents may volunteer in your classroom and initiate conversations about their children. Other parents may prefer a more laid-back approach to school. You may “click” with some parents right away and you may have extreme differences with others. No matter the situation, for…

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Faith Foundations

Preschoolers building in the block area quickly learn that it takes a sturdy foundation to support a tall, strong structure. They soon notice that they can make a tall building from lightweight cardboard blocks, but that building won’t be very strong. To create structures that are both tall and strong, solid wooden blocks work best….

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Six Free Devotions You Can Use to Help Kids’ Prepare for Easter

Are you a children’s pastor or family minister? Do you teach in a Christian school or Sunday school? Are you a DRE or DCE? Are you responsible for CCD instruction or Confirmation classes? Then you’ll want to check out CTA’s six NEW and FREE reproducible devotions, (scroll down to “free six-part family devotion.”) Written to…

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