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Peace in Our Landa free prayer for the 4th of July

Editor’s note: This 4th of July prayer was written many decades ago by a faithful pastor, Walter E. Schuette, who has since gone to be with the Lord. We invite you to use his words as you pause to remember the military personnel, first responders, government leaders, and all others who work to ensure our…

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Fireworks of Faitha free devotion for this week’s meetings

Fireworks are ubiquitous on the Fourth of July—we just can’t celebrate our nation’s independence without them! We impatiently wait for darkness to settle in, as we join the crowds at the city park or the riverfront. Soon, all of our waiting pays off. A small streak of light hisses upwards and the sky is filled…

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Celebrating Those in Faithful ServiceA Free Devotion for Memorial Day

As we gather today, we pause to thank all those who serve us through our government on every level—local, state, and national. Our thoughts turn to the first responders in our own community—our firefighters (name those present, if possible) and police officers (name them) our EMT’s (name them) and those in city and state government…

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Old Glory–a free devotion for children’s ministry

Introduction Have you ever heard someone talking about “Old Glory”? Do you know what it means? (Show an American flag.) Our flag got this name in 1831. A famous sea captain, William Driver, was about to set sail when some friends gave him a flag to fly on his ship. At that time, the United…

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In God We Trust — a free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: This week, citizens of the United States will observe Memorial Day. It’s a time to pause and remember in gratitude the sacrifices made by so many of our fellow citizens so that we can enjoy the freedoms that are ours. The months ahead include several more patriotic observances. Check out the ideas CTA has…

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Four Chaplains Day–February 3

Editor’s note: February 3 is observed in the United States as “Four Chaplains Day.” The incident it commemorates is often-forgotten, but deserves to be known by everyone. Plan now so you can share the details below with your class, Bible club, or Sunday school in a meaningful way. CTA offers many value-priced products designed to…

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Our Citizenship Is in Heaven–A free children’s devotion to commemorate 9/11

Editor’s note: This devotion could be used during an observance of the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It’s appropriate for children in elementary school. You may want to order two take-home items for each child present–one to keep as a reminder and one to share with a friend. Introduction Show the children a coupon good for…

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