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Need New Ideas for Fall Festival? Look Here!

Every year, you have the pumpkins, the candy, and the costumes. We know the story: your ministry’s fall festival or Halloween alternative event has been stuck on “repeat” for several years. Put some energy back into your celebration with CTA’s new themes: Be a Spark in the Dark and Pumpkin Prayer! To make your planning…

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7 Steps to Planning a Children’s Christmas Service

Have you seen it? Most stores already have Christmas products lined up in the aisles and packed into the shelves. But it’s not even Halloween yet! Some people get excited by the early offering of Christmas items. It simply disgusts others. No matter your personal sentiment, one thing is for sure—Christmas is only three months…

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Be a Spark in the Darka free devotion for kids

Editor’s note: Many churches and families struggle with Halloween—how can we put a Christian focus on this secular holiday? Today’s devotion helps to answer that question. This free ministry message comes from CTA’s just-released fall festival theme, Be a Spark in the Dark. The theme features fun artwork and activities that will encourage youngsters of…

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5 Ways to Kick Off a Great Year of Sunday School

As we approach Labor Day, many churches are making plans to start a new year of Sunday school. Some ministries refer to the first Sunday of classes as “Rally Day” and plan special ways to celebrate the day. Don’t have much time to plan? Here are five simple ways to incorporate Rally Day celebrations into…

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Teaching Kids to PrayTips for All Ages

A Christian once said, “Satan trembles when we pray.” This must certainly be true! Prayer brings us closer to God, reaffirms our faith, and comforts our hearts—trampling right over Satan’s devious ways. It’s never too early or too late to teach a child to pray. Don’t know where to start? Here are some simple tips…

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2 Science Experiments with a Bible Connection

Are you looking to add a “wow” factor to your classroom object lessons? Bringing in a science element could help you do just that—and facilitate some deeper learning at the same time. Check out these two examples. Build your own tornado (Bible reference: Mark 4:35-41) Use this basic science experiment to illustrate the storm that…

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5 Quick Team-Building Activities for Children’s Ministry Staff

The school year has begun! Hopefully, nobody on your staff is experiencing burn-out yet, but we know that working with kids can be tough. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five fun team-building activities. Use one at your next staff meeting—they’re all quick and some can be pretty silly! Wear your attitude Supplies: laminated…

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Planning a Send-Off for College Freshmen

In the coming weeks, soon-to-be college freshmen will be leaving the comfort and familiarity of your church to transition into an entirely new environment at college. They’ll be living on their own, making new friends, and—hopefully—doing their own laundry. This transition brings up mixed emotions for students—excitement, pride, anxiety, fear, and sadness, just to name…

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Must-Haves for a Sunday School Welcome Bag

It’s that time of year. . . Sunday school kickoff is right around the corner! Start the year by handing each child a fun (and informative) Sunday school welcome bag. Make sure that each bag provides basic information about your church and Sunday school program. Don’t simply assume that families know this information! Include a…

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Parent-Teacher CommunicationThere’s an App for That!

Nearly all teachers use technology in the classroom—computers, tablets, smart boards—you name it. But did you know that technology can be helpful even beyond the classroom? According to numerous studies, teacher-family communication is absolutely essentially to the student’s learning process. And technology can help improve this type of communication! Today, we’re talking specifically about an…

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