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Fear Not: God’s Love Shines Brighta free devotion for kids

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion comes from a classic Fall Festival theme. Even though CTA doesn’t offer this theme anymore, there will soon be several all-new Fall Festival and Halloween Alternative themes at www.CTAinc.com. Start your planning today! Before you begin, you will need a large paper grocery bag. Tape a sign on one side of…

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FREE Resources for Fall Festivals

Have you started planning your church’s fall festival or Halloween Alternative event? Now is the perfect time to start and CTA has FREE resources to help you along the way! Event outlines that include suggestions for Bible time, decorations, games, crafts, and snacks Coloring pages that can double as placemats Flyers to help advertise your…

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8 Can’t-Miss Outreach Opportunities for Children’s Ministry

The faith of a child is a beautiful thing! Jesus himself said that God has revealed things to children that even wise men don’t understand (Matthew 11:25). Since children so readily receive the truth, what can we do to share the Gospel with them? CTA has exactly what you need—the Time to Shine for Jesus…

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How to Use Volunteers of All Ages at Your Fall Festival

When you think about fall festival and Halloween-alternative events, you probably think of kids. You picture little Jimmy carving pumpkins and sweet Lorelai bobbing for apples. Yes, most fall festivals are focused on children’s ministry, but including all ages in your event could help your church grow into a community. When the teens, adults, and seniors…

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New! Custom Connections for Your Fall Event

Are you searching for something just right for your fall festival? Do you want to print a unique Halloween-alternative message that you can’t find anywhere else?  Look to CTA’s new product line, Custom Connections! We offer hundreds of customizable templates for t-shirts, goodie bags, plastic tumblers, magnets, and so much  more. Just log on and start…

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10 FREE Resources for Your Fall Festival

Have you heard? CTA has a bunch of FREE resources waiting for you! Now is the time to start thinking about fall festivals and Halloween-alternative events. You know that CTA offers the value-priced items you need to celebrate, but did you know that CTA also offers a host of FREE resources that will make your fall…

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Tips to Start Planning Your Fall Festival

“If you want to reach the community in a nonthreatening way, if you want to provide a place where children can experience the love and safety of Jesus in troubled and dangerous times, then by all means plan a fall festival!” This advice comes from Nichole Sims of Cedar Park, Texas. CTA recently interviewed Nichole,…

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Time to Shinea free fall festival devotion

Editor’s note: Looking for a unique fall festival theme? Time to Shine for Jesus is perfect! CTA offers a wide variety of Halloween-alternative resources in this theme, plus a brand-new outreach activity card to share with children who don’t know Jesus. As always, CTA supports the theme with FREE downloadable resources like this ministry message. Check it…

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Fresh Out of Ideas and Nowhere to Turn?

If you’re looking for a creative bunch of people, look no further than a children’s ministry team. The people on these teams are usually overflowing with great ideas. Those of us who haven’t been blessed with such creative minds are often left to scratch our heads and wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” There…

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Need New Ideas for Fall Festival? Look Here!

Every year, you have the pumpkins, the candy, and the costumes. We know the story: your ministry’s fall festival or Halloween alternative event has been stuck on “repeat” for several years. Put some energy back into your celebration with CTA’s new themes: Be a Spark in the Dark and Pumpkin Prayer! To make your planning…

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