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Seeing the Extraordinary among the Ordinary

Do you ever look back at your life and think, “Where did the time go?!” Life seems to be flying by and it’s easy to get caught up in a routine. Drop the kids off; go to work; go home; go to bed. Even the more notable days like holidays, birthdays, and vacations blend into…

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New for Lent 2018!This is Love: Acts of the Savior

When you want to read about the death and resurrection of Jesus, you usually turn your Bible to one of the Gospels. But, have you ever realized just how much the book of Acts points to the Passion? Take a look at one of CTA’s Easter themes for 2018—This is Love: Acts of the Savior….

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The Loser Wins–a free children’s devotion for Easter

Getting Started Have a Gospel Easter Egg for each child. (Find www.ctainc.com on the Internet and key “Gospel Easter Egg” into the search bar.) Empty one of the eggs, but be ready to give the contents to the child who initially receives the empty egg. Introduction What did you find in your Easter baskets today?…

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Planning Your Egg Hunt? Don’t Miss These Time-Saving Helps!

Maybe you started planning months ago, but need one or two stellar ideas to make your event sparkle. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t yet come up with just the right approach. Maybe you decided today that this is the year for your church’s very first Easter Egg hunt. Whatever the case, CTA…

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