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Sing and Shout! Jesus Lives!a free devotion for kids

Before you begin this devotion, prepare a poster with “Jesus lives!” printed in large letters. Each time “Jesus lives!” appears in the book Sing and Shout! Jesus Lives!, have an assistant display the poster to your listeners who will jump up and shout, “Jesus lives!” Today I want to tell you about a time when…

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Celebrating Easter with Children: How will you help them learn the story?

Easter Day is a wonderful day of celebration! Christians everywhere shout “Alleluia,” as we celebrate the truth that our Savior has risen from the dead. Because he defeated death, we will live forever – forever with him! I love Easter Day, especially after the quiet, reflective time that leads up to it – in my…

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The Loser Wins–a free children’s devotion for Easter

Getting Started Have a Gospel Easter Egg for each child. (Find www.ctainc.com on the Internet and key “Gospel Easter Egg” into the search bar.) Empty one of the eggs, but be ready to give the contents to the child who initially receives the empty egg. Introduction What did you find in your Easter baskets today?…

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