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Sow What?A free devotion for this week’s meetings

I’m hardly an expert on gardening and planting. And evidently, I passed my lack of knowledge on to my children. When my son was quite young, my wife asked him what he’d like to plant in our garden. He immediately had an answer—mashed potatoes! He had great expectations! That’s my boy! A year later, we…

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Life-Changing Prayersa free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: This week’s free devotion is slightly adapted from CTA’s devotion book for Christian Workers, Shaping Hearts; Changing Lives: 30 Days to Grow in Service. As you read, remember that October is Pastor Appreciation Month. It’s not too late to celebrate in your church! How will you honor those who serve in Jesus’ name? Imagine you could get…

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Beautiful Feeta free devotion for Pastor Appreciation

Runners take good care of their feet. They take great care as they buy shoes. They don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on socks. They keep their toenails trimmed. They stretch their Achilles’ tendons. They are always on the lookout for the latest treatments for blisters and athlete’s foot. When you’re a runner, foot…

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The Bright Morning Stara free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: Church workers often see the effects of sin first-hand. The pain and darkness of sin can be overwhelming at times. Today’s devotion, taken from Christ-Centered Service, encourages church workers by highlighting Jesus as our Bright Morning Star. When you finish reading, be sure to visit the CTA website to see the Christ-Centered Service prayer journal,…

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Thanking God for Your Servant Hearta free devotion for Pastor Appreciation Month

Editor’s note: Are you planning to celebrate October as Pastor Appreciation Month? If so, consider incorporating this devotion into your plans. Be sure to visit www.ctainc.com to find value-priced gifts that acknowledge the work of your pastor and the entire church staff. May God continue to bless those who lead your ministry with a servant heart! Introduction…

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Bald Eagle Soaring

Soaring at Worka free devotion for Labor Day

In 2007, the government announced it had taken the bald eagle off the endangered species list. That’s great news! Still, many different plants and animals remain on that list. I’ve always wondered whether the endangered species list goes far enough. For example, what about lists for endangered people? Lists like that would include rare individuals…

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The Lamb of Goda free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: We serve because Christ modeled service for us throughout his ministry on earth. Today’s devotion, taken from Christ-Centered Service, highlights the strength and gentleness of Jesus—both qualities that we seek to model in our service to God’s people today. After you read, be sure to visit the CTA website to see the Christ-Centered Service prayer…

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Rebuilding a Broken Worlda free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion appears in the CTA devotion book: Justice, Kindness, Humility . . . It’s a Guy Thing! The pocket-sized book includes 17 quick, 5-minute devotions based on Micah 6:8. It would make a great addition to your men’s retreat this summer or fall! What she wanted was an island for the kitchen….

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You Make an Eternal Differencea free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion focuses on the people who freely give their time and talents in service to your ministry. As you prepare for a new year of Sunday school and church activities, use these words to encourage those on your team. You can find this Ministry Message and several brand-new volunteer appreciation gifts in…

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