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Say Cheese Please!

Looking for an ice breaker for this year’s women’s retreat? Here’s one that’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Form teams of four to five players each. Give each team a flexible tape measure, a paper, and a pen. Each person will smile the biggest smile she can muster, while the other players…

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Looking for a Change of Pace? Retreat!

In 2003, Carol Youngs and her family had a bad experience at church. Things just weren’t right, and Carol knew she needed to find a new church home. She quickly found fellowship at a small church in Evansville, Indiana—North Park Baptist. Since Carol had been so active at her former church, she thought it would…

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Retreat? Or Advance? Either way, CTA resources will save time and money!

Springtime! The perfect time to get together with the women in your church for an overnight retreat. Who can resist a quick getaway? Who can say no to the first pajama party since junior high? But maybe time is short. Maybe your budget is tight. Maybe you simply don’t know where to begin. CTA can…

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