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9 Ways to Welcome Parents and Young Children in Church

Imagine wrestling with your toddler to get his shoes and socks on while simultaneously trying to change a dirty diaper and sweep up the cereal your four-year-old just spilled. All this before 9 a.m. And, you’re trying to get to church on time! Once you get to church, things are no different. You’re trying to…

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Make Parents Your Partners in Ministry9 Ways to Do It

Parents are the primary teachers of their children. They practice the ABCs with their preschoolers, read with their kindergartners, and do math homework with their middle schoolers. However, many parents lack the confidence and the resources they need to be strong spiritual teachers in their homes. As an experienced church worker with access to many…

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Planning for Christmas VacationPromises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids

Are you looking for a way to keep kids connected to Jesus (and save their parents a little sanity!) during Christmas vacation? Here’s a great idea: the week before Christmas, send each child home with CTA’s Promises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids. This 32-page journal helps children learn favorite Bible verses, understand how they relate…

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8 Ways for Families to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Editor’s note: We encourage you to make copies of this blog to send home with all of the families in your ministry. With the hectic schedules of today’s families, traditions and designated “family time” are more important than ever! God’s richest blessings as you support families of all shapes and sizes this holiday season! Maybe…

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10 Kid-Friendly Mission Trips

Have you ever dreamed of going to faraway places to help the hurting and the homeless? Although a mission trip might sound exciting to you, it might also feel impossible—especially if you want to involve children. Rest assured that there are opportunities to help others and share God’s love right where you live. And, kids…

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Just in Time for Summer!Promises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids

Are you looking for a resource that will keep kids excited about Jesus all summer long? Check out Promises, Projects, & Prayers for Kids—a new activity journal for children ages 7-11. This colorful book encourages kids to learn Bible verses and reinforces that learning with a variety of fun activities—cooking, drawing, science experiments, writing songs…

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It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive

Many children become absolutely giddy as they await the coming of special events like their birthday or Christmas. If you ask them what they are so excited about most will tell you, “I get presents!” Receiving presents is fun for everyone, but the real joy comes to the giver. You can help your students know…

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Family Faitha letter to parents

Editor’s note: Today’s families are spending less time together than ever before, but parents are still an integral part of faith formation in children. So how can ministries stress the importance of family faith and support parents? This letter is a start. We encourage you to send home a copy with each child in your…

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Six Ways to Develop Positive Relationships with Parents

It’s a bit ironic, but often times parents are intimidated by teachers and teachers are intimidated by parents. But, the fact is that both parents and teachers have the same goal in mind—they both want what is best for the child. As a Christian teacher, you can take the lead in building positive relationships with…

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Great Joy from a Tiny Mangera free children’s devotion for Christmas

Editor’s note: Christmas is almost here! We know the children are surely beside themselves with excitement, so we invite you to use this children’s devotion to bring a few moments of focus and attention to Jesus’ birth. We wish you God’s blessings as you celebrate Christmas and pray that your excitement over the Baby’s birth…

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