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Meaningful Appreciation3 rules for thanking your pastor

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Many congregations plan receptions, organize card showers, and flood their pastors’ pantries with pastries and other goodies. Each church shows appreciation a little differently. There’s no one “right” way to do it. Whatever you do, though, make sure it’s meaningful. Here are three keys to doing that: Keep it personal….

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Beautiful Feeta free devotion for Pastor Appreciation

Runners take good care of their feet. They take great care as they buy shoes. They don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on socks. They keep their toenails trimmed. They stretch their Achilles’ tendons. They are always on the lookout for the latest treatments for blisters and athlete’s foot. When you’re a runner, foot…

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25 Authentic, Meaningful Ways to Affirm Kids & Youth

This time of year, activities in Christian schools, Sunday schools, CCD classes, choirs, Awana, and Bible clubs begin winding to a close. In a few weeks, the children and youth you have worked with for multiple weeks, months, or perhaps even years will move on—to a different class, school, or community. Perhaps one of the…

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Never Ending Thanks

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15 We are incredibly blessed by God! We thank him for many, many things, but most especially for sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to live, die, and rise again for us. This gift of Jesus’ saving love is greater than anything we can describe. In…

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“Fat Tuesday”! A Free Devotion for Mardi Gras

C. S. Lewis may have been the first to tell about the little boy who was asked what God is like. The boy responds in words like these: “God’s the sort of fellow who goes around looking for someone who’s having fun—and tries to stop ’em.” This picture of God, mistaken though it is, nonetheless…

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Did You Know?

The “National Day of Encouragement” officially falls on September 12 each year. Andrew Baker, organizer of the National Day of Encouragement and executive director of the Encouragement Foundation, says this about that:  The National Day of Encouragement is about inspiring Americans to make deliberate words and acts of encouragement a part of this day first, and…

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Backpack Blessings for God’s Children

As a reminder that Jesus is our source of guidance, love, and protection during the school year, many churches set aside one Sunday to “bless the backpacks.” Here are some ways to do it:  1. Have children in grades K-5 bring their backpacks to church with them on the Sunday before school begins in your community….

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Bare Trees and Ministry

During these winter days, the deciduous trees are barren. Their trunks and branches are on display. When we observe them closely, especially against a clear blue sky, we cannot help notice the limbs continually dividing off into smaller and more delicate branches, creating an intricate tapestry. This image causes me to pause and think about the…

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Is Your Ministry a Starbuck’s?

Editor’s note: This blog first appeared on this site in September of 2009. We thought the ideas were worth repeating. As you think about rebooting the ministries in your church next month, how will you intentionally care for the individuals whom you serve in Jesus’ name? CTA offers a number of tools to help you…

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