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Count Your Blessingsa free Thanksgiving devotion for kids

You will need a bag of candy corn. Make sure you have enough pieces for each child to have three or four kernels for an activity later in the devotion. Raise your hand if you have gone on a trip with your family. Have any of you ever moved away from your house and gone…

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Count Your Blessingsa free Thanksgiving event for kids

Gather your church families and invite the neighborhood—it’s time for a Count Your Blessings Thanksgiving outreach event! CTA has a FREE Thanksgiving event outline ready for you in the Resource & Idea Center. It makes planning easier than ever!. The event takes a Bible-based approach to the Thanksgiving holiday and reminds children that God supplies our…

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Count Your Blessings

Getting Started Before the children arrive, create a pair of “Blessings Binoculars.” Cut white paper to size and wrap it around a pair of binoculars, using colorful markers to add the words, “Blessings Binoculars.” Or tape together two cardboard tubes, labeling these, “Blessing Binoculars.” Introduction When I hike in the woods or go on vacation…

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Count Your Blessings: Help Kids Experience & Express Thankfulness

Sad to say, even the youngest children can adopt an attitude of selfishness, of entitlement. Even Christian kids can be ungrateful for God’s many blessings. Parents and teachers do not want this for the young people in our care. That’s one, big reason CTA created the Count Your Blessings product line and continues to add products…

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