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9 Ways to Welcome Parents and Young Children in Church

Imagine wrestling with your toddler to get his shoes and socks on while simultaneously trying to change a dirty diaper and sweep up the cereal your four-year-old just spilled. All this before 9 a.m. And, you’re trying to get to church on time! Once you get to church, things are no different. You’re trying to…

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Timely Tips for the New Year

It’s almost time to hit the “start” button on 2016. Are you ready for it? Here are some tips to help you finish 2015 and give your ministry a jump-start in 2016! Ministry Recap Collect information from the visitors you have throughout the holiday season and enter it into a visitor database. Write an email…

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Visitors? New Members? — Here’s help as you meet your “seven second challenge”

Seven seconds. That’s how long you have to make a first impression—at least according to some experts. It’s true when you apply for a job. It’s true when you meet the new neighbors. And it’s true when a newcomer visits your church. Meeting the “Seven-Second Challenge” involves much more than the condition of your parking…

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