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Timely TipsChristmas edition

Merry Christmas! We use the word merry at Christmastime—and almost never at other times of the year. It means “full of cheerfulness” or “lighthearted joy.” What a fitting word to pair with Christmas! Jesus came into the world to lift sin’s burden once and for all. His coming not only makes our hearts light, but…

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10 Ways to Bless Homebound Members at Christmas

Christmas is coming! What an exciting time of year with all of the special services, holiday parties, and school events. There is a lot going on and it is fun to be a part of it all. But what about the widows, the elderly, and other members of your ministry who don’t get out much….

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10 Christmas Party Themes for Your Church Family

Don’t let the Christmas season pass by without celebrating with your church family! Here are 10 ways to bring everybody together for fun and fellowship: Surprise homebound church members by setting up a small Christmas lights display in their yard. Pick a few Christmas crafts from Pinterest and gather at church to assemble the crafts…

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