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February Fun8 Ideas to Try with Your Co-workers

Christmas is long gone and you might be missing the parties, social gatherings, and special events. Are you starting to feel those midwinter blues? Maybe it is time to add a little excitement to the ordinary routine of everyday life! Valentine’s Day will be here soon and this year you can make it more than…

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You Are God’s One-of-a-Kind Valentine

This year, Valentine’s Day lands on a Wednesday. That makes it the perfect theme for a midweek children’s Bible class or event! Don’t worry—this isn’t a typical Valentine’s Day, lovey-dovey theme. It’s a theme about the real, amazing, and grace-filled love of God! Because of Jesus, this love covers all of our sins and makes…

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Walk in Lovea free kids’ devotion for Valentine’s Day

Today, I need a helper. (Select a volunteer.) Thank you. I’m going to whisper a phrase in your ear, and I’d like you to act it out. Then, I want all of you to guess the word. (Whisper, “Walk like you’re angry.” Allow the helper to do so.) Who can guess the word? (Let individuals…

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The Very Best ValentineA Christian Valentine’s Day lesson plan

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for a Christian lesson plan to use on Valentine’s Day, today’s post is for you! For more FREE resources to use in celebrating Valentine’s Day, look to CTA’s Resource & Idea Center.  Ask the students: Why is Valentine’s Day so much fun? Why do you like it? Do you think…

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God’s Love Amazes MeA free Valentine’s Day devotion for kids

Editor’s note: While most Valentine’s Day celebrations recognize the sin-flawed love that we share here on Earth, today’s devotion draws children closer to the ever-perfect love that God showed us through Jesus. This Ministry Message accompanies CTA’s God’s Love Amazes Me lineup of Christian Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Look for goodie bags, crafts, and Valentine’s…

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4 Tips for a Christian Valentine’s Day Party

Have you peeked ahead in your calendar yet? You may have to do a double-take. Yes, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year! But do church and Valentine’s Day really go together? Yes! This is the perfect time to put together a few simple activities that can make a big difference in sharing love–Jesus’…

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God’s Love Amazes Mea free devotion for kids

Editor’s note: Did you know that Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year? Make the day special for the children in your ministry with gifts and resources from CTA’s new Valentine’s Day theme, God’s Love Amazes Me. Today’s devotion is the ministry message from that theme and is the perfect addition to any Christian…

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Children's Valentine of God's Love Image

The Name that Means Love — a free devotion for children’s ministry

Beforehand, cut a large heart and a large cross from construction paper. For each child, prepare a small “kit” containing a red construction paper heart and several Valentine candy conversation hearts.  Hold up the large construction paper heart. What celebration comes to mind when you see this? Valentine’s Day is a fun day to celebrate….

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Unfailing Lovea free devotion for this week’s meetings

In less than three weeks, Valentine’s Day will be upon us. Try as we might, we can’t ignore it. From the mall to the restaurant to the florist to the grocery store, merchants make every effort in January and early February to focus our attention on one four-letter word—love. As the people of God, we…

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Build Relationships in Children’s Ministry All Year Long

Has Jay missed class two weeks in a row? Does Barry have a birthday this week? Is Jessica a new girl in your Bible club? Does Elijah have a bad case of bronchitis? Stay in touch with everyone in your class or Bible club throughout the year, using CTA’s new free downloadable postcards for kids….

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