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Church-Wide Service ProjectsJust in time for Thanksgiving

Are you looking to get your church in the Thanksgiving mood? Are you searching for a way to encourage both children and adults in Christian service? Do you need ideas for church-wide fellowship? Be “thankful” for this acrostic! Here’s a list of eight ways to get worshippers of all ages involved in serving our heavenly…

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A Summer of ServiceFamily Edition

Countless ministries sponsor summer mission trips abroad, but for many families with children, embarking on one of these trips is simply not possible. Even though they can’t travel, these families can still participate in a summer of service. Here are some family-friendly ideas to promote in your church: Families with children in elementary school Kids as…

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Together in Service

A unique mission team stood at the front of church as the pastor prayed for God’s blessings to be upon the upcoming mission experience. The youngest member of the team was 10 years old and the oldest was 65. There were two families with elementary school children, a few young nurses, a retired couple, and…

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