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3 Ways for Kids’ Ministry to Reach Out

One of the best ways to help your students grow in faith and live their faith is to encourage service to others. As the weather gets warmer, work with your students to reach out and bring God’s love to those in need. Reach Out with Funds Nearly every cause needs of extra money. You can…

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Sow What?A free devotion for this week’s meetings

I’m hardly an expert on gardening and planting. And evidently, I passed my lack of knowledge on to my children. When my son was quite young, my wife asked him what he’d like to plant in our garden. He immediately had an answer—mashed potatoes! He had great expectations! That’s my boy! A year later, we…

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The Easiest Way to Share the Gospel

You might be surprised to learn that many church “regulars” do not know how to verbalize or share their faith. Often people who go to church every Sunday know they are saved, but they wouldn’t be able to tell you how or why. CTA’s Gospel Story by Colors resources are a great way to help…

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A Summer of ServiceFamily Edition

Countless ministries sponsor summer mission trips abroad, but for many families with children, embarking on one of these trips is simply not possible. Even though they can’t travel, these families can still participate in a summer of service. Here are some family-friendly ideas to promote in your church: Families with children in elementary school Kids as…

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Together in Service

A unique mission team stood at the front of church as the pastor prayed for God’s blessings to be upon the upcoming mission experience. The youngest member of the team was 10 years old and the oldest was 65. There were two families with elementary school children, a few young nurses, a retired couple, and…

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Celebrating with All Ages

What role does age play in your ministry? Many churches routinely divide into age-based groups for Bible studies, social outings, outreach opportunities, and the like. While age-based groups are logical in many situations, we think that it’s time to mix things up! Intentionally bringing together members of various ages for ministry work in the church…

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Visitors? New Members? — Here’s help as you meet your “seven second challenge”

Seven seconds. That’s how long you have to make a first impression—at least according to some experts. It’s true when you apply for a job. It’s true when you meet the new neighbors. And it’s true when a newcomer visits your church. Meeting the “Seven-Second Challenge” involves much more than the condition of your parking…

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Fear Not: God’s Love Shines Bright–Make your fall events spectacular!

Fall festival. Halloween alternative. Reformation celebration. Whatever you call it, perhaps your church is among those from around the nation that have begun to optimize the cool days of late October, reaching out with one-time community events aimed at kids and families. These events can open many doors for sharing the Gospel message of our…

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