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CTA Customers Celebrate Mother’s Day

Is your church ready to celebrate Mother’s Day? If you’re still looking for ideas, these stories from CTA customers might help. Take a few of the tips below and give thanks to God for all the women in your ministry! Church members at Shiloh Baptist Church in Plant City, Florida, recognize their mothers with a…

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The True History of Mother’s Day — Where Did It Come From? What’s It All About?

People have celebrated Mother’s Day (or something like it) for centuries. The ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks all celebrated motherhood, usually setting aside a time each spring for doing so. Instead of honoring their human mothers, though, they focused their celebrations on the female deities they worshiped. During the 1600s, the church in England began…

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Sky High Love — a free devotion for this week’s meetings

As you begin, read Psalm 103:8. Cathedrals soared high above the towns that dotted the countryside in Medieval and Gothic Europe. Impressive in their day, the height of these cathedrals is somewhat less so in ours. Still, their architecture can amaze us. Entering such a cathedral even now creates a sense of reverence, of awe…

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Loved Beyond Measure for Mother’s Day — free resources you can use!

We here at CTA have all fallen in love with our two new product lines for Mother’s Day and women’sministries in 2014.  We are especially excited about Loved Beyond Measure and thrilled with the five new Loved Beyond Measure posters our customers can download for free! Our designers used elements from the theme art as they…

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