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Ornaments of Faith®– The Tradition Continues

CTA introduced the first Ornaments of Faith® in 1999 and customers immediately fell in love. Since then, the ornaments’ themes have changed from year to year, but the beautiful artwork, high-quality pewter-finished construction, and Christian meaning always remain. This year, CTA is adding three new Ornaments of Faith®: Glory to the Newborn King–an angel-shaped ornament…

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A Very Special Night for a Very Special Familya free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: CTA is proud to introduce three new Ornaments of Faith® this Christmas season!  Today’s free devotion is slightly adapted from the Ministry Message that accompanies the “Immanuel” Ornament of Faith®. The pewter-finished ornament depicts the holy family: Joseph, Mary, and the Christ Child. It was specially designed as a reminder of God’s love…

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Meaningful Christmas Gifts for All Kids Ministry Workers

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for those who volunteer in your children’s ministries? One that’s meaningful – and affordable? Then you’ll be glad to know we’ve added four new Ornaments of Faith® to our product lineup this year. If you’re not familiar with these bestsellers, you’ll want to check them out! Customers tell…

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Sharing Christ’s Love at Christmas: A children’s Christmas party focuses on selfless giving and Christian outreach

Children, even the most well-behaved ones, can be notoriously selfish sometimes. It seems like “mine” is one of the first words children learn, and that me-first mentality remains front and center throughout much of childhood. Sharing, generosity, and love aren’t hard-wired into these little ones – we have to teach them these Christian values. The…

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