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Jesus is the Waya free children’s sermon for Lent

  Materials needed: Several balloons that are easy to inflate A long string A straight drinking straw Tape A sign with the word “GOD” on it Markers Before you begin, attach the “GOD” sign to a fixed point where everyone can see it. Tie one end of a long string to that point and tie…

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Light the Night with JesusA free devotion for children’s ministry

Editor’s note: Are you looking for a variety of value-priced items and free ideas to jump-start your Fall Festival planning? Check out CTA’s website!  Getting Started You will need your Bible and a flashlight or camping lantern to show the children. Create three posters ahead of time, each with one phrase from this passage on…

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I’m a King’s Kid–a free devotion for your children’s ministry

Getting Ready Mark Isaiah 41:10 in your Bible. Bring a large, family portrait/picture to show the children. Introduction Welcome the children warmly. Then show your family picture. Tell about the people in the picture. Explain that parents in most families love their children very much, and will do anything to help their sons and daughters….

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