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Build Relationships in Children’s Ministry All Year Long

Has Jay missed class two weeks in a row? Does Barry have a birthday this week? Is Jessica a new girl in your Bible club? Does Elijah have a bad case of bronchitis? Stay in touch with everyone in your class or Bible club throughout the year, using CTA’s new free downloadable postcards for kids….

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3 Steps for Walking in LoveOn Valentine’s & Throughout the Year

One month from today is Valentine’s Day. Do you have plans to leverage it in your ministry? You could! CTA’s new Valentine’s theme this year is Walk in Love. It opens many doors for children, youth, and your whole church in showing and sharing Jesus’ love. Take these steps: Step 1 Look around in your…

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Teaching Thankfulness: What Does It Look Like?

If we created a list of attributes we desire for children, thankfulness would probably be on the list. However, cultivating an attitude of thankfulness is a lifelong task, since our natural inclination lies in another direction altogether – toward taking and wanting more and more stuff. We can even fall into the habit of complaining…

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