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A Work of Arta free devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: As you begin a new year of ministry, don’t forget about the leaders and volunteers that are committed to making your programs successful! Today’s devotion comes from the Shaped to Serve devotion book. Use these words to encourage those who serve in your ministry and, if you’re looking for a beginning-of-year recognition gift,…

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S.H.I.N.E.A free devotion for children’s ministry

Editor’s note: As the children of your church prepare to go back to school, this devotion will help them take along the most important thing. It won’t fit in a book bag, though. Instead, it fits perfectly in their hearts—eagerness and the ability to share the love of the Savior! If you want to make…

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How to P.R.A.Y.–a free devotion and prayer journal pages for kids

Editor’s note: What better way to start a new school year than by encouraging children to pray? The Ministry Message below is followed by a FREE five-day kids’ prayer journal you can duplicate and distribute. If your students like this approach, check out Faith Heroes, CTA’s new prayer journal for children.   Introduction What’s the most…

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God Lights My Way–A free children’s devotion for the new school year

Introduction Did you ever get up at night in the dark? If you don’t turn on a light, you might stub your toe! Has anyone here done that? (Let volunteers answer.) What can we do to avoid it? Yes, we might use a flashlight or turn on the lamp beside our bed. But sometimes, when…

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