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A Kids’ Christmas Lesson for 5th Sunday

Editor’s note: This lesson is slightly adapted from the FREE children’s event outline that accompanies one of CTA’s Christmas themes, God’s Promise Came True. Use this lesson for the 5th Sunday of December and be sure to check out CTA’s other FREE event outlines! When the children are seated, ask volunteers: What’s a promise? (When…

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Jesus Is . . .a free devotion for kids

Editor’s note: Today’s children’s devotion is slightly adapted from the Ministry Message that accompanies CTA’s new theme, Jesus Is . . . The theme includes gifts and resources for kids of all ages. Look for the activity book, craft, drawstring backpack, and more. Plus, check out the additional FREE resources like coloring pages, a postcard…

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Under Constructiona free devotion for kids

Editor’s note: This children’s ministry devotion accompanies CTA’s Under Construction theme. With an emphasis on Colossians 2:7, the theme is especially designed for kids ages 7-11. CTA even offers a free event guide to help you utilize the theme and accompanying resources for a summer community event or summer Sunday school classes! Gather these three items…

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