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Family Faitha letter to parents

Editor’s note: Today’s families are spending less time together than ever before, but parents are still an integral part of faith formation in children. So how can ministries stress the importance of family faith and support parents? This letter is a start. We encourage you to send home a copy with each child in your…

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Six Ways to Develop Positive Relationships with Parents

It’s a bit ironic, but often times parents are intimidated by teachers and teachers are intimidated by parents. But, the fact is that both parents and teachers have the same goal in mind—they both want what is best for the child. As a Christian teacher, you can take the lead in building positive relationships with…

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2 New Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Sunday School

Editor’s note: Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year—what a great ministry opportunity! If you’re looking for gifts and resources to help your church celebrate, check out our website and Resource and Idea Center. Rush shipping is available! Most kids celebrate Valentine’s Day by trading cards and candy with family and friends. It’s a…

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The Power of Christ’s ForgivenessObject lessons for Sunday school

Liturgical churches will celebrate Ash Wednesday on February 10 this year. These churches recognize the six weeks before Easter as the Lenten season—a time for personal reflection and repentance. Even if your church doesn’t formally recognize Lent, as a Sunday school teacher you can still help your children see their sins and focus on the…

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4 Tips for a Christian Valentine’s Day Party

Have you peeked ahead in your calendar yet? You may have to do a double-take. Yes, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year! But do church and Valentine’s Day really go together? Yes! This is the perfect time to put together a few simple activities that can make a big difference in sharing love–Jesus’…

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7 Ways to Create a Positive Atmosphere in the Classroom

Gleaming smiles. Neat and clean crafts. Organized desks. Calm attitudes. Open hearts. Does this accurately describe your classroom? You may have days when your classroom seems like the model classroom, but all teachers know this picture-perfect scenario doesn’t last long. There are moments when you can feel your blood pressure rising and your frustration building….

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9 Ideas to Keep Kids Focused in Sunday School

“Trevor, hands to yourself. Amy, eyes up here. Juan, move away from the toys. ” Sometimes it feels impossible to keep a roomful of children focused on your daily Bible lesson! Granted, you can’t physically perk up their ears and make children listen, but you can do a few things to encourage engagement and participation…

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8 Ideas to Help You Teach Scripture to Kids

God encourages us to hide his Word in our hearts (Psalm 119:11) and although it may often feel like an impossible task, teaching scripture to our students is an extremely important task. Thankfully, children have a natural ability to memorize. Their brains are less cluttered than adult brains and when something is repeated over and…

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Planning a Children’s Christmas Servicethe final steps

We know that planning a children’s Christmas service is exhausting, but you’re almost to the finish line! Today, we wrap up our series with steps 6 and 7. Step 6: Hold a dress rehearsal You’ve been practicing for weeks, but now it’s time for the big practice. Have the children put on their costumes and…

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5 Ways to Celebrate Advent in the Classroom

Many liturgical churches recognize the four weeks leading up to Christmas as “Advent.” It’s a time to remember our need for a Savior and the way that God fulfilled that need—by sending Jesus as a baby in a manger. It’s also a time to look forward to the second coming of Jesus. It’s a time…

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