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So You’re in Charge? (Part 1)

Editor’s note: Today, we’ll begin a summer series that focuses on five different leadership approaches. As you read each installment, try to see how each leadership style (good or bad!) has a place in your ministry. If you have time, discuss each blog with your staff and brainstorm ideas for improving leadership roles throughout your…

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Kids’ Ministry5 Year-End Finishing Touches

Once the school year is over, you may be just as tempted as the children to make a quick break for the door! Yes, you have certainly earned some vacation time, but before you enter summer-mode be sure you have put the finishing touches on 2014-15. Evaluate:  Ask yourself, your staff, and your ministry’s volunteers…

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5 Ways to Make Summer Sundays Special

What does your church have planned for the summer season? Use these five ideas to make summer a special time for your ministry. Let the youth group and children’s ministers lead Sunday services once each month. Teens can deliver the Bible readings and younger kids can lead the worship songs. This idea is a great…

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Three Ways to Get Men to Church

Editor’s note: As of 2012, the Barna Group estimated than five out of six American men call themselves Christians, but surprisingly, only one out of those six attends church on Sunday. Father’s Day (June 21) is quickly approaching and it brings to light a growing problem in the church and Christianity. Where are all the…

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Build a Christ-Centered Team in 90 Minutes or Less

We are just two days away from the official start of spring and summer will be here before we know it! That means the season of vacation Bible school is quickly approaching. Are you ready for the crowds of children that will soon be knocking at your door? One of the most critical steps in…

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How to Complete Your Yearly Calendar (and Free Newsletter Templates to Help)

Many people like to formulate a game plan for their year in January. They pencil in important dates, potential events, and can’t-miss opportunities on the calendar. Now, we know that it’s already February, but we also know that planning for an entire year takes a whole lot of effort. If you didn’t complete your yearly…

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Lead with Confidence: Keeping a Firm Foundation

Our garage has a crack in its foundation. A tree has grown too close to the house. Water has not been properly draining away from the house. Because the foundation is shifting, we have numerous cracks in our plaster walls. A couple of the door frames are not square, so some doors don’t close well….

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Jesus’ Changeless Lovea free devotion for this week’s meetings

This week’s free devotion is slightly adapted from CTA’s new devotion book for Christian Workers, Shaping Hearts; Changing Lives: 30 Days to Grow in Service. It is available now, and the product line includes many valuable, value-priced gifts for church staff and volunteers.  Want a promotion? Put in the hours, pay your dues. Want a new car or…

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