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8 Ways Teachers Can Feed Their Faith

As a teacher, you spend a lot of time in God’s Word preparing your lessons. You may even know some lessons by heart—you don’t even need notes. You also share your faith with your coworkers, students, and their parents. What a joy it is to work in God’s Word on a daily basis! All of…

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Where Faith Meets Life

Where Faith Meets Life™ is a new CTA series designed to answer some of the discipleship needs in your ministry. We created these materials to help Christians integrate faith and life in their church, their home, their workplace, and their community. We have four books in the series: ­ The Bible: How to Read and…

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The 5 W’s of Staff Retreats

Summer is here and things are probably a little bit quieter around your office these days. This lull in your ministry can be a great blessing! How will you take advantage? If you’re considering a staff retreat, you’re in good company. Countless churches, schools, and non-profit organizations have turned summer retreats into can’t-miss annual events….

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Seeing Christ’s Sacrifice More Clearlyan after-Christmas devotion for this week’s meetings

Editor’s note: Phew! Christmas is over! As you return to the office this week, you’ll no doubt be reflecting on the work you have done this month. Surely there were times of great joy and off-the-charts stress, but no matter the outcome, remember that the birth, death, and resurrection of our Lord trumps everything. Let…

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Timely Tips for the New Year

It’s almost time to hit the “start” button on 2016. Are you ready for it? Here are some tips to help you finish 2015 and give your ministry a jump-start in 2016! Ministry Recap Collect information from the visitors you have throughout the holiday season and enter it into a visitor database. Write an email…

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5 Church-Worker-Approved Steps to Declutter Your Mind

Imagine 11 million pieces of information. That’s how much information is flowing into your brain every second. (source) It’s no wonder that church workers often feel unorganized, harried, and as if they’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off! What’s the solution? Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet that will solve all the problems…

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Want Volunteers? Get to Know Your People

Likes to work with children. Check! Able to volunteer on Sunday mornings. Check! Can design crafts, bake snacks, and head off tantrums. Check! Information about a volunteer’s skills, spiritual gifts, and preferences is always helpful. It allows us to direct our recruitment efforts to those who are most likely to be interested. The person with…

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Want Volunteers? Ask New Members

Talked to any new members at your church lately? New members make great volunteers. They’re excited about their new church. They want to get to know others and recognize serving as a great way to build relationships. Most are open to getting involved and making a meaningful contribution. Plus, during transitions, people may be more…

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Want Volunteers?Consider the Ins and Outs

An intriguing way to grow volunteerism at church involves looking at the “ins” and “outs”—people volunteering inside, and outside, your church’s walls. To start, think about the ratio of inside/outside volunteering at your church. List all of your volunteer opportunities, noting which are internal (ushering; Sunday school teachers) and which have an external focus (donations…

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