Topic: Easter

Contacting Easter Visitors–Now & in the Future

Happy Easter Season!   At our church we had more visitors than usual for Easter worship. We especially noticed a lot of families with young children. What happened at your church? Did you have more visitors than usual, as well? Did you hear any thought-provoking comments from your visitors? As you look back on your…

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The Jellybean Prayer

Jellybeans have been a part of my Easter celebration for as long as I can remember. As a mother and a kindergarten teacher, I have used the Jellybean Prayer to help my own children and my students prepare to celebrate Easter in a meaningful way. Each color jellybean in the prayer relates to a specific…

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Preparing for Easter

With the observance of Ash Wednesday tomorrow, Lent begins. From my perspective in the early childhood classroom, it’s a great time to teach children how much Jesus loved us. Even the very young child can grasp something of the great sacrifice Jesus made for us in dying on the cross. My students always treat the…

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