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3 Keys to AMP the Motivation of Your Volunteers

So you finally have the volunteers you need to staff the children’s ministry and fill the open slots on the Ministry Council. Breathe a sigh of relief and offer a prayer of thanks! But as you say, “Amen,” remember you aren’t finished yet. Now that your volunteers are in place, you want to help them…

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Train EVERY Volunteer!

Editor’s note: This article, written by Karen Kogler, first appeared in Share in mid-July. Since we know many regular readers were on vacation then and since we believe so strongly in the importance of training volunteers, we are reprinting it today. Many blessings as you recruit and equip volunteers for the new year of ministry ahead! Employers train new…

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Train Every Volunteer!

Employers train new hires. Teens are trained to drive. Personal trainers help you reach your exercise goals. Training is common everywhere . . . except the church. Most churches feel they’re doing well if they offer Sunday school teacher training. The reality is that every church volunteer should be trained for ministry. But aren’t most…

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Where’s YOUR Church?

“Where is your church?” If you asked me that, I could give you a street address in Arlington Heights, Illinois. But I’d rather answer it by showing you the three large maps on display in our church lobby. One is a world map. Another is a map of Arlington Heights and the neighboring suburbs. Between…

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Praying with Hope ­– New Title in CTA’s Caregiving Line

The positive comments just keep coming: I have had such great feed back from the people I give this booklet to that I intend to keep some on hand. There are so many people/families hurting and in need of hope and encouragement. This booklet is wonderful! (Facing Difficult Days with Hope)  Wonderful resource to use…

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How to Delegate (part 1)

“Don’t do anything yourself.” That’s the advice I once received from someone I trusted, a member of my advisory board. She claimed it was the key to effective ministry in churches. My friend wasn’t encouraging laziness. She was stressing delegation. That conversation was one of the few times I remember discussing delegation with anyone over…

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6 Thoughts on Small Talk

First things first. I admit it. I do not like small talk. Talking to unfamiliar people makes me nervous and uncomfortable. I would much prefer the company of a few close friends. However, as I have thought and read about small talk, I gained some basic, but important insights, insights that encourage me to feel…

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3 Steps for Walking in LoveOn Valentine’s & Throughout the Year

One month from today is Valentine’s Day. Do you have plans to leverage it in your ministry? You could! CTA’s new Valentine’s theme this year is Walk in Love. It opens many doors for children, youth, and your whole church in showing and sharing Jesus’ love. Take these steps: Step 1 Look around in your…

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Reenergize Your Mission for the New Year

Maybe you’ve heard the old joke about the news reporter who asks the CEO, “How many people work in your company?” The CEO responds, “About half of them.” We laugh because most of us recognize the sad truth here. Sadder still, the latest research shows the CEO’s answer is quite optimistic! Those who study commitment…

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