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8 Ideas to Help You Teach Scripture to Kids

God encourages us to hide his Word in our hearts (Psalm 119:11) and although it may often feel like an impossible task, teaching scripture to our students is an extremely important task. Thankfully, children have a natural ability to memorize. Their brains are less cluttered than adult brains and when something is repeated over and…

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Family Ministry Feature25 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Editor’s note: The blogs we post on Tuesdays are usually specific to kids’ ministry, but this week we are shifting the focus to family ministry. We encourage you to print this blog and send it home with your students this week. The holiday season is a wonderful time for families to grow together in faith…

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ThanksLiving for Kids

It takes a lot of perseverance to train children in consistently saying “thank you” at the appropriate times. Even more than just speaking the words, we want our children to truly be thankful. Only with the help of the Holy Spirit can we cultivate grateful and contented hearts, but as teachers and parents, what we…

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5 Energizing Ideas for Children’s Ministry Workers

“Will you tie my shoe?” “I can’t find my Bible.” “Awww, do we have to do that?” “I want to go home.” As you work with children, do you ever feel like you are being bombarded with problems to solve and decisions to make? We all have our wonderful moments, but children’s ministry can be…

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