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Teaching Kids to PrayTips for All Ages

A Christian once said, “Satan trembles when we pray.” This must certainly be true! Prayer brings us closer to God, reaffirms our faith, and comforts our hearts—trampling right over Satan’s devious ways. It’s never too early or too late to teach a child to pray. Don’t know where to start? Here are some simple tips…

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2 Science Experiments with a Bible Connection

Are you looking to add a “wow” factor to your classroom object lessons? Bringing in a science element could help you do just that—and facilitate some deeper learning at the same time. Check out these two examples. Build your own tornado (Bible reference: Mark 4:35-41) Use this basic science experiment to illustrate the storm that…

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5 Quick Team-Building Activities for Children’s Ministry Staff

The school year has begun! Hopefully, nobody on your staff is experiencing burn-out yet, but we know that working with kids can be tough. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five fun team-building activities. Use one at your next staff meeting—they’re all quick and some can be pretty silly! Wear your attitude Supplies: laminated…

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Parent-Teacher CommunicationThere’s an App for That!

Nearly all teachers use technology in the classroom—computers, tablets, smart boards—you name it. But did you know that technology can be helpful even beyond the classroom? According to numerous studies, teacher-family communication is absolutely essentially to the student’s learning process. And technology can help improve this type of communication! Today, we’re talking specifically about an…

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A Summer of ServiceFamily Edition

Countless ministries sponsor summer mission trips abroad, but for many families with children, embarking on one of these trips is simply not possible. Even though they can’t travel, these families can still participate in a summer of service. Here are some family-friendly ideas to promote in your church: Families with children in elementary school Kids as…

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5 Ways to Make Summer Sundays Special

What does your church have planned for the summer season? Use these five ideas to make summer a special time for your ministry. Let the youth group and children’s ministers lead Sunday services once each month. Teens can deliver the Bible readings and younger kids can lead the worship songs. This idea is a great…

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Three Ways to Get Men to Church

Editor’s note: As of 2012, the Barna Group estimated than five out of six American men call themselves Christians, but surprisingly, only one out of those six attends church on Sunday. Father’s Day (June 21) is quickly approaching and it brings to light a growing problem in the church and Christianity. Where are all the…

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If You Build It, They Will Come

Congratulations—you have a stellar VBS program planned for this summer! But what if nobody comes? Many children’s ministries dedicate hours to planning lessons, snacks, games, and crafts for vacation Bible school. Even so, recruitment is often left off the list of VBS to-dos. It’s not too late to make sure your VBS program is filled…

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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Sunday School3 Kids’ Crafts

Of course God did not stipulate that the second Sunday in May be a celebration of mothers, but he does command us to honor and respect our mothers and mother-figures. Since this is such an important lesson for children, we encourage you to set aside time during Sunday school on May 10 to celebrate Mother’s…

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