Editor’s note: This lesson is slightly adapted from the FREE children’s event outline that accompanies one of CTA’s Christmas themes, God’s Promise Came True. Use this lesson for the 5th Sunday of December and be sure to check out CTA’s other FREE event outlines!

When the children are seated, ask volunteers:

  • What’s a promise? (When someone says, “I’ll do this or this.” Let volunteers give examples.)
  • Do promises always come true right away? (No, sometimes we have to wait a long time.)

Then say, Moms and dads make promises. Older brothers and sisters or grandparents sometimes make promises. Did you know that God makes promises, too!? Sometimes people can’t keep their promises, but God always, always keeps his promises.

Once a long, long time ago, God made a promise to a man named Abraham. Listen and see if you can figure out what that promise was. (Read Genesis 26:4 from a children’s Bible, if possible.)

  • What did God promise Abraham? (He promised as many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and other descendants as there are stars in the sky. One of those descendants would be very, very special. He would bless the people of every family everywhere on earth! He would be the Savior. What a wonderful promise!)

Sometimes when we have to wait a long time for a promise to come true, Mom or Dad will repeat the promise. They will promise over and over again. God’s people had to wait a long, long time for the promise of the Savior to come true. So God repeated his promise. Listen! (Read Isaiah 9:6.)

This is just one of many times God repeated his promise to send the Savior. Promise! Promise! Promise! God promised a Savior many times. God’s people waited and waited and waited. Then, finally, one day that promise came true! Listen!

Read Luke 2:1–20 from your children’s Bible. Then ask:

  • Who was the Savior that God sent? (Jesus)
  • When and how did Jesus come? (Jesus was born as a baby on the first Christmas.)

Say this with me: “God’s promises all came true! Jesus was born for me and for you!”

(Invite the children to repeat the words with you several times. You might point for the words me and you.)

Jesus is our Savior from sin. Everybody sins. When you get crabby and yell at your dad, that’s sin. When you are selfish and won’t share your toys with a friend, that’s sin. When you say, “I don’t have homework,” but you really do, that’s sin. When Mom says, “No cookies until supper,” and you sneak a cookie anyway, that’s sin. Who can think of other examples? (Let volunteers respond.)

Jesus came to wash away all our sins. He came to bring us God’s forgiveness. With forgiveness, we receive many other good things, too. We receive peace and joy and love. Jesus makes us children of God, just like he is! Jesus loves and forgives us, and one day everyone who believes in him will live with him in our heavenly home. I am so glad, aren’t you!?

At Christmastime, we give each other gifts to celebrate God’s best gift—Jesus. That’s a great custom. But you know what? Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. I would like to give Jesus a gift! Wouldn’t you?

But what can we give him? Jesus is God! He doesn’t need socks or a coat or toys. What do you think Jesus would want most? (Let volunteers answer.)

This Christmas and always we can tell Jesus how much we love him and how thankful we are that he is our Savior. We can also show his love to other people. That makes Jesus so happy! What are some ways you could show Jesus’ love to people you know? (Let volunteers answer.)

Yes, we can forgive people when they hurt our feelings; we can share our best toys; we can obey our moms and dads. And we can keep on learning more about Jesus, the Savior, who was born for us that very first Christmas—just as God had promised!


You are welcome to copy this article for one-time use when you include this credit line and receive no monetary benefit from it: © 2017 CTA, Inc. Used with permission.

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