’Twas the month before Christmas

And all through the halls

Teachers were hurrying, scurrying,

Decorating the walls.


Special lessons were planned;

Art projects were done

With hopes that the students

Would recognize God’s Son.


The service was chosen;

Auditions were done.

Teachers handed out parts

And encouraged each one.


The costumes were ironed

And hung on the rack.

The manger was found

Hidden way in the back.


The program was practiced,

Every song, every line,

Until all the students

Were doing just fine.


‘Twas the night of the service

When things went awry.

The littlest angels

Began to cry.


The shepherds all stumbled

As they came from the back,

And one of the presents

Was dropped and got cracked.


The narrator forgot

What he had to say,

And a young drummer

Was too scared to play.


But amid all the chaos

God’s Word was proclaimed

And families heard

The most beautiful Name.


God’s Spirit was moving

And all through that place

Each person’s heart

Was touched by God’s grace.


For the message of Jesus’

Most miraculous birth

Is a message of hope

For all here on earth.


And no matter how messy

The message might seem,

Remember that God

Is in charge of the team.


He sends out his Word

For all to hear;

He works in each heart

To make everything clear.


So even if things

Didn’t go just right,

Because of Jesus

It was a good night!


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