Editor’s note: As the children of your church prepare to celebrate at Fall Festivals or Halloween Alternative events, this devotion will help them take along the most important thing—the ability to share the love of our Savior! For more FREE children’s devotions, check out all of CTA’s Ministry Messages in the Resource & Idea Center!

Before you begin, mark the word SHINE on the fingertips of your right hand. Your pinky gets the “S” and your thumb gets the “E.” On your palm, write the word Jesus. When you open your hand wide, you will “S.H.I.N.E. Jesus!”

As you call the children forward, keep your right fist closed tightly but inconspicuously.

I have some great news hidden in my hand. Everyone needs to know the incredible news I’ve hidden here! This incredible news can give you and others a brand new start! You need to know this incredible news, and other people do, too. What incredible news do you suppose I have hidden? (Allow the children to guess.) What makes this news most incredible is that it’s true! Are you ready? (Open your right hand wide.) I have a letter on each finger. What do these letter’s spell? (Allow a volunteer to read the word shine.)

That’s right, boys and girls! We want to let the incredible, wonderful Good News of Jesus SHINE through us! (Hold your hand open and up for all to see.)

The Bible says, “Let your light shine before others” (Matthew 5:16 ESV). That light is the good news of Jesus. We can take this good news everywhere we go. In fact, these letters on my fingers stand for something special: Share—S; His—H; Incredible—I; News—N; Everywhere—E. Share His Incredible News Everywhere: S.H.I.N.E.!

It really is incredible news: Jesus loves us so much that he left heaven and came to earth to die on a cross for us. Jesus died so that we can be forgiven when we mess up. Those mess-ups are called sin. Can you think of ways we mess up, ways we sin? (Allow the children to give examples of sin.)

Those are good examples. Sometimes we get angry with a brother or sister or friend and, in anger, lash out by saying mean, unkind things. Maybe we even hit that person! We have all said unkind things. We have all decided not to share with others. Listen to what the Bible says about that. (Read Romans 3:23.) All of us need a new start because we have all sinned in these and other ways.

That’s bad news. But now listen to some good news, some incredible news! (Read 1 Corinthians 15:3.) Christ died for our sins! He took the punishment we deserved! In Jesus, God gives us a new start. That’s the incredible news we want to shine everywhere we go!

Everyone hold up a fist. Now, Share His Incredible News Everywhere: S.H.I.N.E.! (Open your fist wide and urge the children to do so, too.) We want to shine Jesus’ love wherever we go. Where can you shine? (Allow the children to suggest places like at home, at school, in the grocery store, on the playground.)

Who will see the light of Jesus’ love in you? (Allow the children to answer. Examples: a brother, a sister, Mom, Dad, friends, classmates, teachers, people I don’t even know, and so on.)

How can you let your light shine? (Allow the children to suggest answers. Examples: by telling about Jesus, showing kindness, caring for others, and when others ask “Why?” we can tell them about Jesus!)

(Hold up a closed fist.) We won’t keep the good news of Jesus hidden, but we (open your hand and let the children read your fingers) SHINE!

Hold your fists up. Now let me see you shine. (Encourage all the children to do so.) Let your light shine everywhere that you go, sharing with others the incredible news that Jesus loves them and wants to give them a brand-new start.

Let’s pray: Thank you, Jesus, that you died to take away our sins. You give us a new start! Thank you for loving us so much! Help us to shine with your love, showing that love and telling others about you everywhere we go! We love you, Jesus. Amen.


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