Have you read any good blogs lately?

Of course you have; you’re reading CTA’s blog right now! In this blog, and any others that you read, you’re getting a free, easily accessible method to grow your skills. You’re investing in yourself and your ministry.

If reading blogs isn’t part of your normal routine yet, consider making it a part of your weekly schedule. Before you set out into the blogosphere, consider the reasoning behind this recommendation. It’s so easy to create blogs that hundreds of millions of them exist. Why bother wading through such a sea of good, bad, and indifferent musings?

Think about how beneficial it is to sit down and chat with friends or acquaintances who do work similar to yours—to share the joys and challenges, to learn from what they’re doing, to get inspired from their enthusiasm. Reading a blog is a version of the same thing, and the comments feature adds a bit of two-way or group interaction.

If you already read a bunch of blogs, take a few minutes to review and evaluate your blog-reading time to make it more intentional and beneficial for your work in ministry. Use your blog-reading time wisely, on blogs that inspire, educate, or challenge you, or give you practical ideas you can use. Look for blogs from providers you know and value, database or curriculum companies, for example. What books, writers, or speakers have most influenced you? Perhaps they have blogs. You may also find some great blogs through Twitter retweets or Facebook posts. You can, of course, Google blogs on any topic. It can be hard to find the pearls in the thousands of results, but it might lead to something new and valuable.

If you lead volunteers in churches, also look for blogs from the secular volunteerism world, as we in the Church have much in common with that world. The Hot Topic of Susan Ellis from Energize, Inc. and the Engaging Volunteers blogs of Volunteer Match are always a good read. On my website, www.theequipper.org, I write and share good stuff I’ve found relating to my home congregation and the church volunteerism world at large.

We want to hear from you! What blogs do you read on a regular basis? What are your favorite blogs for personal and professional growth?


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