When it comes to planning a Fall Festival or Halloween-alternative event for little kids, simple is best. These types of events are a wonderful opportunity to invite new people to your church and help your own members feel more involved. So, focus on the people and keep your event simple!

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If you’re looking for even more simple and fun ways to celebrate this fall, check out these ideas:


This Little Light of Mine

Each player receives two squirt guns filled with water. Standing three feet away from three lit candles, kids try to extinguish the candles before running out of water.

Pumpkin Sweep

Children use a broom to sweep a small pumpkin along a taped course on the floor. Kids can race against each other or against time.

Squash Bowling

Set up several butternut squash and let the children knock them over with a small rubber ball.

Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

Put glow sticks inside filled water bottles and use a small rubber ball to knock them over.


Make orange crispy rice cereal treats in the shape of pumpkins. Have the kids add chocolate-chip eyes and mouths.

Make crispy rice cereal treats. Color them white, orange, and yellow. Have the kids firmly stick them together in the shape of a candy corn.

Make a fruit cup to look like candy corn. Put pineapple on the bottom, mandarin oranges in the middle, and whipped topping on the top.


Paint a pumpkin

Stuff a brown paper lunch sack with newspaper. Gather the paper at the top and twist it shut with a green pipe cleaner. Paint the pumpkin orange.

Read The Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs

Carve pumpkins together and talk about how God changes us from the inside out.

Play a Bible memory game

Display a verse for everyone to see. Read it together several times and talk about the meaning. Gradually start erasing or covering words so that each time you repeat it, everyone has to remember more of the verse.


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