Fall is the season for retreats, but don’t start your event without having a little fun first! Try these icebreakers to get your retreat started on a fun note:

Friendly Debate

Before the retreat, think about ten lighthearted “debate” questions: What’s better—chocolate or ice cream? If you went to a deserted island, would you take your smartphone or an endless supply of coffee? Would you rather have a child that stayed a newborn or a teenager forever?

Pose these questions to your group and designate one side of the room for each response. Have the women move to the side they agree with, engage in a brief debate and then, ask the next question.

Slow Story

Divide the group into teams and ask the women to shout out fairy tales. Pick one and give instructions: the group participants will take turns telling the chosen fairy tale one word at a time. The first woman begins the story with one word and the next woman quickly follows with the next word. Allow the women to go for two minutes and see if they can finish the story.

Candy Drop

Divide the group into teams and give each team a narrow-neck bottle (for example, a soda pop bottle). Each team will also need a supply of small candies (red hots, chocolate chips, or candy corn, for example).

Each member of each team will have one minute to drop as many candies as possible into the team’s bottle. The distance between each contestant’s hand and her bottle is key, so consider creating a “starting line” by tying a string across the room and aligning the bottles beneath it. Then, contestants must keep their hands above the string as they compete.

The team that gets the most candies into their bottle wins.

Hug, Hug, POP! POP! POP!

Ask participants to pair up and give each pair three balloons. At “GO,” each couple must blow up all three of their balloons and tie them shut.

Then each person puts one of the two balloons under one of her arms and the couple places one balloon between the two of them as they face each other.

The winners are the first pair to burst all three of their balloons without dropping them.


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