It’s one thing all children’s ministry leaders have in common—making every dollar count! In many churches, budgets are tighter than ever. And, if you’re blessed with rising participation in your programs, you’re left with a double-whammy. How can you do more, for more kids, with less money?

CTA has the answer! The FREE downloadables in the Resource & Idea Center can help you stretch your budget like never before. Still skeptical? Check out the incredible value in these resources:

  • You can use the Exploring God’s Word event outline for kids any time of year. Think about 5th Sundays, winter outreach events, or summer VBS. The event includes out-of-this-world fun with rockets, planets, and space games. Most importantly, it teaches children about the benefits of exploring God’s Word.
  • Children learn at different speeds and some may finish your learning activities early. Print out several of CTA’s FREE coloring pages to keep students busy during the downtime. All of the coloring pages feature Bible verses and kid-friendly designs.
  • Don’t pay a designer to create event invitations—download them for FREE from CTA! The invitations feature high-quality, themed artwork and they can be customized right from your own computer.
  • Make the most of your teaching time with PowerPoint versions of CTA children’s books. Project the PowerPoint onto a white wall to create a display that all children can see.
  • If you’re struggling to find a lesson that’s just long enough for children’s can’t-sit-still bodies, look for CTA’s FREE Ministry Messages. They are brief, interactive, and Jesus-focused.



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