Take a moment and think about the members of your church. Even if you don’t have a school or childcare center, there are probably a good number of children in your church. Although many of these young members receive faith training at home or instruction through the programs at your church, there is still more you can do. The best way to grow the children’s faith is to pray! And everyone can get involved! Here’s how:

  1. Picture cards. Take a picture of every child (with parental permission) and use the pictures to create bookmarks. Include the child’s name, birthdate, and a prayer need. Pass the bookmarks out to worshippers, asking them to pray regularly for the child.
  2. Calendar. Provide a monthly prayer calendar for each worshipper. For each month, include the names of a few children and provide suggestions of ways to pray for those children.
  3. Include the Family. Highlight a new family each week in your worship bulletin. Include a “getting to know you” article that identifies specific prayer needs.
  4. Group Meetings. Churches love meetings, so take advantage of it! Divide up the names of the children in your church and ask each organization (the ladies’ group, the men’s Bible study, the elders, the Sunday school teachers, and so on) to pray for three or four children each time they meet.
  5. Sunday Prayers. Just like your church prays for the sick or injured during your service, include a few children’s names each week.
  6. Prayer Partners. Invite families and seniors to partner in prayer. Match up children with shut-ins, nursing home residents, and anyone who wants to pray. Help them exchange information (names, birthdates, prayer requests) and encourage them to pray for each other often.
  7. Christmas List. At Christmastime, instead of having students write letters to Santa, have them write prayer request letters to the church. Guide the children in listing things they are thankful for and asking members to pray for their specific needs.


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