The seasons are changing. Kids are headed back to school. The weather is getting cooler. And, don’t forget—it’s time to plan your Fall Festival event!

If you need some fresh ideas for your Fall Festival or Halloween Alternative event, CTA is here for you! CTA is offering two family-friendly Fall Festival themes and FREE event outlines to accompany each theme. G.L.O.W.– God Lights Our Way and Shine Bright, Little Light are both dedicated to celebrating God’s wonderful love for us in Jesus and teaching children how to shine with Jesus’ love wherever they go.

Ready to create the perfect family outreach event? Get started by downloading a kids event outline today! You’ll see ideas for

  • crafts;
  • Jesus time;
  • games;
  • snacks; and
  • using other FREE resources from CTA.

God’s blessings as you plan your event and shine Jesus’ love in your community this fall!


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