Editor’s note: Today’s devotion comes from CTA’s staff and volunteer appreciation book With Heartfelt Thanks. With 64 pages of devotions, inspirational stories, and Bible-based encouragement, this book aims to honor each person who contributes to God’s ministry. We encourage you to share it and other With Heartfelt Thanks appreciation gifts with your teachers, coaches, office staff, and other faithful servants as you begin the school year.

It was going to be a great week at vacation Bible school. Bethany loved being with children. They loved being with her. She gladly volunteered, “Give me the most challenging children. Give me the most rambunctious group. I can handle it!”

Then it rained, and all the activities moved inside. The snack team ran out of treats. The children in the back of the line—Bethany’s group—got upset. That’s when they served the extra sugary juice (and quickly closed the doors to the kitchen).

By the end of the day, Bethany was about to lose it. Frustrated. Stressed. Overwhelmed. And yes, tired! Just as a tear formed in one of Bethany’s eyes, one of the children flew toward her, arms outstretched in a big hug.

“Thanks for telling me about Jesus today!” she said.

The Holy Spirit works in all weather and in all circumstances. When your plans have changed, God’s plans have not. Rainy days and graham cracker shortages will never thwart the good work of God.

You can be confident of two things:

  1. Frustrating moments plague the life of every volunteer.
  2. Our faithful Savior-God will nonetheless bring about his good purposes in every bad situation.

The ministry of Jesus is proof positive! Betrayal. Suffering. Death. The grave. None of these could stop God from accomplishing your salvation. He overcame every obstacle.

And God is able to work through your service. Even on rainy days. Even on days when the snacks run out.


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