Memaw and Papa. Nanna and Poppie. Gamgam and Pawpaw. What other names do you know for grandmas and grandpas?

No matter what you call them, grandparents play an important role in the lives of children. Their faith legacy can inspire and encourage faith in even the littlest kiddos! In many churches, it’s common to see the entire family—grandparents, parents, and children—sitting together during worship. It’s wonderful evidence of God’s loving care for his people throughout generations!

Do the grandparents in your church know how much you appreciate their mentorship of the younger generations? September 10—National Grandparents Day—is the perfect time to show them. Try a few of these ideas:

  • CTA just debuted a brand-new line of Grandparents Day gifts. Each gift in the Shining the Light of Jesus theme provides an opportunity for grandparents to remember God’s Word and their grandchildren, too. Look for the magnetic calendar frame, lapel pin and card, and notepad.
  • Say a special prayer for grandparents during your worship service.
  • Interview children during Sunday school time, asking them why grandparents are important. Write down their responses and paste the paper at the top of a piece of cardstock. Have the children draw pictures of themselves and their grandparents on the lower half of the page. Present the paper to their grandparents after church services.
  • Following worship, host a luncheon or pie social for grandparents.
  • Host a multigenerational workshop. Invite grandparents to bake cookies with their grandchildren, build simple birdhouses together, or complete a service project in the community as a group.


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