Editor’s note: This 4th of July prayer was written many decades ago by a faithful pastor, Walter E. Schuette, who has since gone to be with the Lord. We invite you to use his words as you pause to remember the military personnel, first responders, government leaders, and all others who work to ensure our freedom and make it possible to worship our Savior without fear.

Read Leviticus 26:3–13. Then reread verse 6.

Dear God, Ruler of the Nations, you have in mercy given us earthly rulers. They protect our lives and belongings. Thank you for the gifts of law and order, national peace, and personal prosperity.

Lord, we thank you for the relative freedom from fear our nation enjoys. We thank you especially that your church in this nation, and we as individual believers, enjoy the privileges of speaking your truth, worshipping together, and sharing your Gospel without government interference.

So often, Lord, we forget to thank you for these blessings; instead, we take them for granted. Perhaps even worse, we fail to use our freedom to the best advantage, postponing our witness to friends and neighbors and coming to your house to praise you reluctantly or only irregularly.

Forgive us, kind Father. Fill us with renewed zeal to carry your Word into our world. Protect our faith so that our prosperity doesn’t lead us away from you. Instead, let it bring us closer to you in repentance, faith, and thankfulness.

May Jesus’ cross be our guide as we pray in his name. Amen.


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