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Across the Solar System

Form small groups of three or four children each; include both younger and older students in each group. Give each group two pieces of sturdy paper, approximately one foot square. (Flattened large paper grocery bags would work well.) Explain that students must cross from one side of the solar system (room or play area) to the other and back, relay style.

The catch? Children may step only on “planets” (circular paper pieces you have taped to the floor) or on their pieces of sturdy paper (paper bags). If someone steps on the bare floor instead, they must ask the leader for a do-over. Then they can try again.

Give teams time to talk about their strategies. Or guide them to discover that in order to follow the directions, each person must stand on a “planet” and place the paper within stepping distance. Then they will step on the paper and place the second paper within a reasonable stepping distance, aiming for the next “planet,” on their way across the room. The children should continue until they are safely across the “solar system.”

Teaching moment

What made this race kind of hard? Yes, if we’re not careful, it’s easy to break the rules. Some of us stepped on the ground instead of on the “planets” or our papers. Then we got to ask for a do-over so we could keep on going.

It’s hard to obey God’s rules, too. In fact, none of us does it perfectly. We often act in selfish ways. We hurt other people by our words and in other ways, too. We fail. We sin.

When that happens, the Bible tells us the Good News that God keeps on loving us. He forgives our sins because Jesus died on the cross for us. Then, God gives us a “do-over”—whenever we need one. Isn’t it good to know that God will never stop loving us?

How wonderful it is that we can keep on exploring the love God has for us in Jesus!


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