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“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“Get the big picture.”

“Go big or go home.”

Proverbial sayings. Plastered on posters. Shared among friends. They ask us to take a larger look at life.

Sometimes, these sayings are helpful. They make you pause for a moment. Look up from your smartphone. See your family at breakfast . . . and “get the big picture.” Answering e-mail is not really the point of vacation.

But, wise words can be misapplied. We can become so focused on the big picture that we lose sight of smaller things. We look to God to renew our lives. It’s an astounding wonder! But then we overlook his powerful presence in the average day.

God once gave John a glorious vision of a new heaven and a new earth. The apostle saw multitudes of angels bowing in heavenly wonder. People from every tribe, language, and nation gathering before God’s throne. Yet, in the midst of all of this magnificence, John sees God do the smallest thing. God wipes away a tear.

The one who recreates the heavens and the earth takes time to wipe away a tear.

What God does in that one moment is itself a glorious revelation. The kingdom of God comes in the smallest of ways.

Christ once compared his death to a seed that was planted (John 12:23–24). In the landscape of human history, the death of one obscure Jewish man named Jesus was a small thing. Yet, in the kingdom of God, the largest of matters are decided in the smallest of ways.

By his death, Jesus brings forgiveness to all. He then rises to rule over all creation. His rule, however, is often accomplished in the smallest of ways.

A conversation with your daughter on the way home from school fosters patience that lasts a lifetime. A prayer for your marriage renews your relationship.

These are small things, overlooked by a world that “goes big or goes home.” But God, who takes time to wipe away a tear, works through them.

In the kingdom of God, small stuff matters . . . in a big way.

Prayer starter: Almighty God, teach me to serve, trusting that the greatness of your kingdom comes in the smallest of ways. Amen.


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