Editor’s note: This week’s devotion is slightly adapted from the Ministry Message that accompanies one of CTA’s latest Father’s Day themes, Blueprints for Life. With the gifts and resources from this theme, men will be reassured that God’s blueprints for their lives are perfect with God’s Son, Jesus Christ, as their sure foundation. Check it out today and don’t miss the other Christian Father’s Day gifts from CTA!

Boston’s Hancock Tower is the tallest building in New England. Noted architect I.M. Pei designed the structure in the late 1960s. The blueprints called for an intricately designed 60-story building covered in gigantic reflective glass panels.

The building ran into trouble almost immediately. Early construction caused the ground to shift so much that a nearby historic church was badly damaged. More than 10,000 windows were installed in the famous tower in 1972. Less than one year later 2,400 of the windows had fallen out and shattered on the sidewalk below. Even after the building opened, the top floors swayed and twisted in the wind. Office workers reportedly suffered from motion sickness.

The law of unintended consequences can ruin the intentions and wreck the most carefully drawn blueprints of even the best human architects.

Who has created the blueprints for your life?

As Christians, we look to Jesus. Jesus is the great designer and creator of the master plan for holy living. (Read John 13:15.) Through his life and in his Word, our Lord has laid out flawless blueprints for us to follow: love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; be patient in times of trouble, forgive every wrong, devote yourself to loving and serving your neighbor.

Jesus’ life was perfect—God would accept no less. And God expects the same from us, but we simply cannot deliver. Do you ever feel as if your life is one misstep after the next? That you just cannot follow the blueprints, no matter how hard you try?

Much like a swaying building with windows popping out, our lives look nothing like the perfect blueprints that Jesus created for us. Instead of serving our neighbors, we are often consumed by greed and blinded by our own wants. We sometimes make financial success or even our hobbies our top priority rather than freely giving of our time and energy to loving and serving others. We want everything in our lives to mirror our exact specifications, and we want that right now. And forgiveness? Much of the time we are more concerned with getting angry and getting even.

But despite our selfish focus and our sinful actions, there is a fix for our distorted lives. Our hope lies in our foundation, a foundation that will never crumble. (Read 1 Corinthians 3:11.) Our lives are built on Jesus Christ and on the perfect sacrifice he offered up for us on Calvary’s cross. The forgiveness Jesus earned for us there is stronger than any sin that seeks to tear us down. It supports us, even when we falter. The foundation of Jesus’ love and forgiveness is always there for us, for you!

With Jesus as our unmovable foundation, we have hope, even when things in our lives go terribly wrong. No matter how many times you have ignored the blueprint, no matter how badly your life has failed to mirror the perfect life of your Lord, forgiveness and hope are still yours today. (Read Galatians 2:20.) Jesus is your sure foundation, the only sure foundation. It will support you until your very last day on this earth. Until then, day by day, his forgiveness washes over us. Day by day, the Holy Spirit renews us to live according to his plans.

We build on this foundation of grace and mercy as we serve the people around us. We build on this foundation as we forgive one another in Jesus’ name. The certainty of this foundation inspires patience in our hearts and minds. And, best of all, this sure foundation gives us the confidence to share the Gospel message with all those around us.

Seemingly against all odds, the Hancock Tower is still standing in Boston. All of its problems were eventually fixed and, in fact, a poll of architects and historians in 1994 named it as one of the three best works of architecture in Boston history.

You and I know that our lives are far from perfect. We do not perfectly reflect the blueprints of God’s Word or the flawless example of love set by our Savior. Each of us knows the many ways we personally fall short. But by the grace of God, each of you is building your life on the one, sure foundation—Jesus Christ. And despite your sin, by your example and in your words, your love for Jesus shines through!


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